Chael Month 3

I can hardly believe I am typing this already. Wow, does time fly or what? What’s new – It seems like it happens all at once that he starts doing new things. During the past week or more he has been hands on playing with toys, putting lots of weight on his little legs  and […]

Simple things

Keeping things simple. Easier said then done, am I right? This past weekend, I had my hand at it. Trying not to get caught up in the stigma of having to have plans for the weekend. But to just stay put and concentrate on wholesomeness. Let’s just say today was way better then yesterday. I […]

Purple Goodness Shake

Well, it looks like winter is trying to stay here in Northern Michigan. The snow started in the Monday evening and continued to most of today, leaving a nice cover over the ground. I am okay with it, as long as we get more, so I can go skiing :-). This past weekend, I stayed […]

Kokkinisto Recipe

Hello..I have had this recipe posted on my message board for some time now, it is from the book Feed Your Face  Diet that I had discussed about earlier. The author Dr. Wu explains how tomatoes are great for protecting your skin from freckles, sun spots and premature wrinkling because of the powerful antioxidant lycopene. She […]

Getting Started..Nutrition for your skin

Ok, so I have been thinking about my first post about this for the past few weeks. I think im just going to start with the basics?? Last week I posted a picture in my post that contained a stack of books. Two noteworthy authors of those books are Dr. Wu and Dr. Perricone ( Dr. […]

Nutrition for Skin-updated

The idea of being able to clear your skin or turn back the clock to pre-wrinkles may sound enticing to some. However, the thought that all you need may be in your kitchen instead of the fancy cosmetic counter at your local department store, sounds amazing!!! Please sign me up!! As a Dietitian I have […]