Chael Month 5


What’s new –

Each month it is so hard to believe that our little guy is another month older. It is just exciting to know that we made it another month breastfeeding!!

The past month Chael has been learning new things. He is so very curious, when presented with something new you can just see him concentrating and soaking it all in. He has became found of his jumper ( the door kind), his sister Macie and is starting to sit up for longer periods of time by himself.

Eating / Sleeping –

Chael is becoming a faster eater, he can be done in less than 20 mins with both sides. He has a habit where he likes to talk and play while eating. His newest thing is he likes to pull and grab on my bottom lip while he’s eating, ha, that doesn’t go over well. He also seems to be going longer in between feedings to about 4 hours. Next month we will be starting solids and I am looking forward to that.

He is still sleeping fairly well. He is up now usually at 2/3 then again at 6/7 but then will sleep in until 8/9.

Mommy progress –

I am still doing really good. I slipped up a little bit with the exercising when my mom came in town to visit but I am back at it. I am looking forward to better weather so we can all get out and mommy can get some good cardio in.

We also went to our first MOPS play group the other week. I was able to meet lots of nice moms and cute babies.

I’ll leave you with some more pictures from the past month.





2 thoughts on “Chael Month 5

  1. I love that BFing is going so well! Winter does the same thing with grabbing my bottom lip while she eats:) She loves to grab my hair, stick her hands in my mouth, caress my boob, and grab my bra straps. These little babies are goofs:) Sounds like he is doing well sleeping as well as extending the period between feedings, yay Chael! He is such a cutie, I just want to kiss his little cheeks! That is great about your MOPS group–I love being able to connect with other mommies too!

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