Kokkinisto Recipe

Hello..I have had this recipe posted on my message board¬†for some time now, it is from the book Feed Your Face ¬†Diet that I had discussed about earlier. The author Dr. Wu explains how tomatoes are great for protecting your skin from freckles, sun spots and premature wrinkling because of the powerful antioxidant lycopene. She […]

DIY Group Halloween Costume – Powerpuff Girls

Typically I admit I usually NEVER dress up for Halloween. However, for some reason I decided I would in efforts to say, YES, to more things. My friends and I decided that we would want to be something as a group. Not to belittle ourselves into being sexy (input here), we decided to pick some […]

Artisan Bread and Skin Update

( Above prebake) This weekend I made our favorite Artisan Bread recipe in attempts to eat more wholesome. I used this recipe here. Things I have changed is I use a whole wheat white flour instead of just plain all-purpose flour. It is a great recipe for yummy dinner bread, garlic rolls, pizza crust or […]

Keeping a lil faith

  These are two images that I posted to my Instagram and Twitter accounts (@sillmarie). The first one is a quote from my one of my textbooks I’m reading about starting a Private Practice. The other one is five steps in building confidence to pursue on your adventure of becoming a business owner. ( Also […]