Sugar and my face

Well this is the third addition to my research series. If you are just tuning in and missed the first two you can see them here and here.

Sugar can be found in a lot of different foods and we tend to add it to a lot of different foods. This can be devastating to our skin however. Dr. Wu explains in her book, the glycemic index (gi). Every food has a gi which basicually tells you how fast your body can break down the food into glucose. The idea is that you want to eat foods that are lower in gi because they take slower to break down and won’t cause you to have highs and lows with your blood sugar.

Some things that sugar can do to your skin

– jump start oil production in skin

– react with collagen and elastin which can decrease firmness and elasticiy  ( hence wrinkles and stretch marks)

– create sallow and dull skin

– increase the acne causing hormone androgen

Some foods that are high in gi

-condiments made with corn syrup

– refined grains

– processed meats

– starchy vegetables like potatoes

– some fruits like apples and bananas

Tips – I have found over the last couple weeks that some foods that are found to be higher in gi are also healthy. Like apples, so in order to be able to consume them I make sure to pair them with some protein ( natural nut butters) to slow down the digestive process.

Again, I got most of this information from Dr. Wu book. I have found some great reserach articles, but for purposes of this blog, I wont bore you with statistics and clinical measure. 😉


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