Nutrition for Skin-updated

The idea of being able to clear your skin or turn back the clock to pre-wrinkles may sound enticing to some. However, the thought that all you need may be in your kitchen instead of the fancy cosmetic counter at your local department store, sounds amazing!!! Please sign me up!! As a Dietitian I have […]

Body Image

A dietitian I follow on Facebook posted this video. It made me think of this amazing eye-opening book called Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters by Courtney E Martin. It can be found on Amazon here. It is a book that discusses body image in females. One major point that I took away from this book, is […]

DIY Project 2- Spartan Banner and Schedule

In our new house, I made it clear that we will not do cliche holiday decorating. So for fall instead of the leaves and pumpkin galore, I said why not do some suddle decorating honoring our favorite Spartan Football. For those just tuning in, Spartan football is basically honoring my college Michigan State University. The […]

The not to new debate: organic or nonorganic

Recently we have been consumed with the Olympics than now football as fall is approaching and the lingering presence of polictics. I found this after the First Lady’s amazing DNC speech.   Although I didn’t watch it live, I did catch it on YouTube..If you have not, you should check it out here!! The next […]