Cloth Diaper 0-6 Months – Part 1

Here I am finally getting around to writing this post. I love reading other blogs on this topic so I felt it was important that I share my experience with cloth diapering.

First off, why am I cloth diapering?! Cloth diapering was something I had thought about before getting pregnant. Not really sure why because at the time I knew nothing about it and knew no one that did it. Once getting pregnant I decided to look more into it and instantly I was hooked. ( Did you know it takes 400-500 years for a disposable diaper to degrade in a dump? Also disposable diapers are the third most populated item in our land fills. — ps I have used disposables so I’m not knocking them, but was just shocked by the info I found out)…Besides being super adorable, cloth diapers are going to save us a ton of cash! We have invested about $215 dollars on diapers so far, that and some gifts that we received we have about 60 diapers ( not including inserts / prefolds / flats)..

Quick run down on the type of cloth diapers we have 1) pockets – diaper that you insert a cloth of some sort into a pocket in the diaper 2) All In Ones – basically just like a disposable ( all parts intact) but made of cloth 3) Cover- just a waterproof shell that you use a flat/prefold with 4) AIO2- sort of a mixture of the first two but the insert can detach some, making it easier to dry

If you don’t have any prior experience with cloth diapers this all may seem confusing as it was for me in the beginning. If you want to learn more I would suggest spending some times reading and watching videos on Pinterest, YouTube and the Baby Center cloth diaper board.

Ok– so our cloth diapering experience thus far ( — has been GREAT!)) .

The first few weeks after baby Chael was born we used Pamper Swaddlers because of the meconium and Vaseline ( for circumcision). We gradually weaned our way into cloth diapering by tying out some of the newborn cloth diapers we had. At about 5/6 weeks of age his first stash of small Fuzzinbunz pocket diapers started to fit ( he was about 8/9 lbs). We used those with BabyKicks Hemparoos. Somewhere around maybe 2 months he started to fit into his SunBaby pockets. Now at 5 Months he is fitting into most of our stash. Which is nice. Since we did not receive any disposable diapers as baby shower gifts, I think we are almost breaking even for what we spent as appose to what we would have spent on disposables by now.

We also use cloth wipes in which I made last summer while I was pregnant. I will do a post about that as well.

Next I will write about the diapers we are using ( with pictures) and our reviews on them. Here is a couple pictures of Chael in fluff. The Dino is a Tots Bots and the Fire Engine is a newborn Little Joey (fav)..




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