Chael Month 3

I can hardly believe I am typing this already. Wow, does time fly or what?

What’s new –

It seems like it happens all at once that he starts doing new things. During the past week or more he has been hands on playing with toys, putting lots of weight on his little legs  and watching more attentively just to name a few. His advancements usually happen when daddy is away, so when he gets back we always have new things to show him. Like how he loves to do the Superman with mommy.

Eating / Sleeping –

At about 11 weeks I finally put my foot down for an all day “routine”. We had been doing pretty good with putting him to sleep about the same time each night, but our days were just a mess. It was prolly the worst week to start a new routine since it’s his 12th week ( Wonder Week) and he is going through a leap right now  (boy is he!).  We are doing a little bit of Baby Wise as we are following an eat/play/sleep routine, but I am taking his lead on it for now.  Basically he starts his day with eating then playing then sleeping. After we do this for a while I will do a post about it to let you guys know how it goes. So far, he is taking at least two 2 hour naps if not 3. Sometimes the last nap is only about 1 hour which is fine because it’s in the evening and he will be off to bed soon anyways. I started doing a dream feed at about day 5 of his new routine ( with no improvements of him sleeping through the night). I do have to say the house is ALOT cleaner these days and I have been getting in nice workouts!! Plus for me!

Eating has been good. I started nursing him when he gets up, then right before his nap, then when he gets up again. I found that he takes better naps if I feed him some right before his nap ( laying him down awake still). He tends to still eat about 8-10 times a day. He is also still on 3 -3.5oz per feeding if he is getting expressed milk, which is maybe once a week now.

Mommy progress –

I started working out regularly this past week and already feel the increase in energy. I still am holding on to about 3 lbs or so of the “baby” weight, but I have a feeling it won’t be there much longer as I have been working out and trying to eat more clean. I think my main focus now it just toning up and eating a healthy diet for both Chael and I.

What about you, any advice on getting baby on a routine or simply to sleep in their crib??




At his 3 month check up he weighed 10 lbs 8 oz ( finally double digits). We didn’t get a measurement but we are pretty sure he has broken 24 inches.



Such a smiley and content man. Finally got a smile on camera. He usually focuses in on the camera that he stops smiling at me.



With his new hat on the way to California.

sonSleeping in the California sun at my Auntie’s house.



5 thoughts on “Chael Month 3

  1. So glad to hear things are going well! Chael is a super cutie!! I love the pic where he is smiling. I love him!

    How awesome you are getting into a good routine! I hope BabyWise is helpful. I have just loved using that system so much! It’s so nice having some structure. Hang in there…he should start sleeping through the night soon. BW babies really do fall into a good routine, so his body will be ready for it soon!

    As far as sleeping in the crib, we got Winter to start doing naps in her crib and then finally (at around 3 months or so) we got “brave” enough to put her in her crib to sleep all night. It was helpful for me that we have a video baby monitor, so I can look at her as much as I need to:)

  2. the cutest face ever! Major plus for you only 3 pounds to go? lord have mercy you are awesome!! I have 13 pounds to go, hopefully by my birthday middle of march ill be back to pre-preg weight. Good job on putting your foot down, I know it’s really hard but patience always gets you what you want. Love how you have new things to share with your honey when he gets home. xoxo

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