Chael Month 6

Woohoo, guess who just turned 1/2 year old! Yes, I can hardly believe it myself either.

What’s new –

Chael is growing more and more every day. Each morning it is amazing to see how different he can look and the new things that he surprises you by doing. This little man hasn’t really taken to rolling around, but has been focusing lots of time on learning to crawl. When we put him down for tummy time, he gets all hands and legs going in an attempt to take off. Which usually results in him pivoting around in a circle. This little guy really cracks us up, haha..

Eating / Sleeping –

YAY we made it to silver!! 6 Months EFB!!! I couldn’t be more happier!

Chael is still nursing the same every 3/4 hours. We also JUST started solids on his 6 month birthday. He wasn’t so sure about it, but went with it anyways. After much debate, I decided to start with rice cereal. I wasn’t sure if I would skip it or not but decided to start with that. I opted for Organic Brown Rice instead of traditional rice. He doesn’t seem to have any issues yet. We are going to do this for 3 days, just to have him get used to the idea of eating from a spoon and of course testing for allergies. Next, we plan to try out avocados then other green veggies, of course introducing them one at a time for 3 days each. As of right now, we just feed him from a spoon once a day. Usually in the afternoon about 1/2 hour after he nurses. Sleeping is the same. He is usually up 1/2 times at night to eat. So from the time he goes to bed at 8 he eats about 3/4 times from then to the time he gets up in the am. I am really not sure if this guy is every going to sleep through the night, haha..As much as we have tried to keep a routine and all. But it’s okay.


Mommy progress –

I am doing great! I FINALLY broke my prepregnancy weight this week! I had been at or slightly above my prepregnancy weight since about 3 weeks post partum. I admit, I haven’t really been trying to lose any, just wanted to tone up. I have still been doing the same workouts, but just started a 10 week program called T25. So far so good! I really like it, especially because it’s only 25 minutes of your day. As the weather gets nicer we will also incorporate some walking / hiking into our day.

Here are some pictures from this month 🙂

6 months



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