Skiing Tahquamenon Falls

In honor my of bf birthday we took a little trip to northern Michigan to do some skiing. Our original plans was to visit up by picture rocks but we decided we didn’t want to spend a majority of the day in the car and opted for Tahquamenon Falls. We visited here early on as […]

Warm Winter Clothing – Favorites

It’s no secret that it has been freezing here in Michigan let me tell ya. So freezing that even my little brother decided to extend his stay in warm southern Cali for another week to stay away from the frigid below zero temperatures. To stay on top of my fitness goals, I have been using […]

Homemade Pretzel Rolls

Since Friday we here in Northern Michigan have been in a constant moving snow globe. The visibility has been about 1 mile, which makes looking out on the lake almost impossible. To brighten the day, I enjoyed an afternoon Spitzer while I tackled these pretzel rolls. I do realize alot of the recipes I have […]

End of the year Vegan Chili

Wow…where did December go? It passed so quickly as the last 2 weeks have been nothing but a revolving door of guest at our place. Although I clearly love that, I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and reflect on the past year and new year to come. Hopefully, since we will be […]

4 Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties

It can be said that we are in full swing for Holiday Parties! Today, is perhaps the first day since last Thursday that I am not bustling to get stuff done or meet up with friends or family. But, very blessed for the people I got to see the last few days. Including, finally meeting […]