Chael Month 4

Some how over night it feels our little man is 4 months old!! It’s hard to imagine that this much time as already passed us by.


What’s new –

Chael has is really taken with his toys these days. He is doing a great job grabbing and holding them. His eye and hand coordination is constantly improving. He has been making lots of new noises too, our favorite is the noise you make when you give raspberries. He just started doing it one day and it melted our hearts. It’s fun to watch him discover the different noises he is able to make. I did not witness this, but I guess the other day he started playing with our pup Macie. He was grabbing on her ears and trying to get a handle on her collar, I guess it was really cute. Macie also did a great job with letting him do so. As far as size, he is overdue on most 3 month items as he is too long for them. We mostly dress him in 3 month, 3-6 month and 6 month clothing. He wears cloth diapers ( post on this topic coming soon!!) but if he does wear a disposable it is size 1.

Eating / Sleeping –

I’m really not sure that I want to answer this because as of 3 days ago things have taken a great turn. It appears that our little ones tummy has grown. This meaning he is consuming more at feedings which means less feedings and more sleep (for all of us). So, for the past three nights he has only gotten up once to eat at night. This happened as we gave him a bottle the night of the Oscars so I could watch with friends we had over.  We gave him 4oz (which may not seem like a lot at this age, but for him it is) and he slept from 9 pm -3 am!! So, the next night I fed him on both sides and he slept well again that night, waking up at 3 am for a feeding. So our schedule has been like this

2/3 am nurse both sides

7/8 nurse both sides, play

9/930 – 11/1130 nap

1130 (ish) nurse both sides, play

1 nap

3 (ish) nurse both sides,  play

430 nap

530/6 nurse one side

630 – 8 play, bath

bedtime routine – Bath, massage with lotion & oil while listening to lullaby music, swaddle, then nurse both sides then bed

It seems to be working so far. Usually turning the day we would wake up nurse, play, nurse, then nap. This week now, we have taken out the nursing before nap time. So he goes about 3 hours now before needing to eat again.

As far as the crib, he has been sleeping in there for about 3 weeks. I don’t really know what finally clicked with him but I did try something I read online. Since he was sleeping in his Rock n Play on a slant, I propped up his mattress just a little with a pillow underneath it. The first night with this done, he slept in it the whole night ( of course waking up for numerous feedings, but that was normal). So, I did this for a couple of days then removed the pillow. Since then he has been good. We are just now getting him to fall asleep in it for naps, with us putting him down while still awake, he would not really do this before.

Mommy progress –

I am feeling pretty good. Getting more sleep with be such a relief. I am working out at home about 5/6 days per week. I am still doing the video workouts and can tell I am really starting to tone back up. I think I have lost the last 3 lbs I was holding on to, but not really sure as our scale is broke. But since my body composition has really changed, I don’t find the scale to be a great indicator of results.


I think this is prolly the first post where we have made a lot of positive improvements in a months time. 🙂

X. P.






4 thoughts on “Chael Month 4

    • Haha, yes I feel like he’s attached to me at times. It’s getting better as we are now down to about 7/8 times per day instead of 10+ times. Lol.. He is advanced with some stuff we feel then normal with some. 🙂

  1. WAY TO GO!!!!!!! I love hearing about positive updates and good gains in many areas! Awesome job, Chael for extending your sleep at night–how amazing this must feel for you to get bigger blocks of sleep. I am glad to hear that everything sounds like it is going wonderfully. He is so adorable. I love the instagram pics and updates. You are such a great mom and doing a fantastic job.

    • Awe thank you!! Your such a sweet mama yourself!! Yes, it’s been a week now with this new routine. Today was shot day, but it didn’t go too bad. He also gained two lbs in a month so that was great to hear as well.

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