4 Sparkles — traveling with infant

This past week we escaped the cold temperatures for a visit out west to San Diego to visit the family. Upon traveling I began preparing for our first long distance trip as a family. I made sure to read up on several blogs on advice while traveling with infants. One thing I can tell you is that having two sets of hands is PRICELESS- thanks for that tip Katy!

A couple things that made traveling easy
– having two sets of hands!
– bringing along expressed breastmilk incase I didn’t get to sit by my boyfriend on the flight and I was stuck between two guys
– Paci for take off / landing incase we didn’t nurse during that time
– checking in a luggage except diaper bag– I should have done this!!!

A couple of my favorite products that made this trip easier.

Sparkle 1- Baby carrier – Sleeping Baby Productions in Emerald


We brought two carriers, an Ergo and Ring Sling. We used the Ergo while walking through the airport as we did not bring a stroller. The ring sling was great for the plane as you are able to pop the baby in and out easily. It was nice to have free hands while your baby is able to sleep or hang out. We used the Ergo while shopping and even hiking. Overall, I think the ring sling would of been fine for both flight and between flight while in the airport.

Sparkle 2- Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets
These blankets are great not only are they could for swaddling but also for so many things. It made a great nursing cover as well as a shade cover while in the car. These by far are one of my favorite baby items!

Sparkle 3- Adjustable nursing clips

I knew I would be doing lots of nursing in public so I thought this would be great to have on hand. I liked the idea of being able to carry one less item and being able to create a cover out of anything on hand. Another great baby item!

Sparkle 4- Big black heavy duty trash bag

?…Is prolly what you are thinking. Well for the 48 hours before our flight I was really anxious about checking the carseat in. I a) didn’t want it to get damaged and b) didn’t want it to get lost!!! After researching on the web we decided to put it in a big heavy duty bag, like the kind you get from Lowes or Home Depot, then throw some duct tape around it and call it good. I also thought about putting bubble wrap around it before putting it in the bag, but the guy thought that was too much. Happily, what we did work, no scratches at all!! I was very pleased about this. So I would greatly suggest doing this if you every need to check on it.


I am sure I will think of 100 other things to add to this post, so look for updates later or simply ask any questions if you have one!!! Or if you have any to add please leave a comment below!

X. P.


3 thoughts on “4 Sparkles — traveling with infant

  1. I’m so glad the travelling process went smoothly for you! That’s great! It’s so much more complicated travelling with a baby compared to travelling before baby was born:) Sounds like things went great. I LOVE those adjustable nursing clips! I have never seen those before–what a great idea. I might need to invest in those. I have trouble trying to nurse with a blanket as opposed to a nursing cover, but those clips would be so handy!

    • Yes the clips are super handy. For me it was nice to be able to pack one less thing. Having the clip I can make a cover out of anything really. Plus they will come in handy to make a bib for Chael when needed. Traveling did go good, I only slightly panicked a few times but other then that it went great!

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