Breastfeeding Journey

Where do I begin? To start off many of you know I am a Registered Dietitian who in fact as extensive training in breastfeeding. At my previous job I educated females on breastfeeding, attended many workshops and simply grew a passion for the subject. Fast forward a few years to the delivery of my first child. I quickly found out that breastfeeding wasn’t all of what I anticipated. I thought it was not suppose to hurt? That is was suppose to be a time of magical bonding with your new baby?! Where did things go wrong?

To start off with my son was tongue tied. Basically meaning he could not extend his tongue our very far from his mouth. This made breastfeeding difficult to start. However, we were able to get him in to see a ENT when he was 3 days old. They were able to do a very quick procedure that corrected this. Unfortunately this did not solve matters. He still had a very shallow latch that caused me to have very sore/cracked/bleeding nipples! Yuck! However, with a few visits to see a lactation counselor and even a physical therapist by week 3 things got better.

I found things that helped were
– not air drying, I did this for the first few weeks around the house. Thinking not keeping anything on them for 24/7 would help the healing– it did not. Just made them hurt more I found out.
– keeping them moist and covered. At 6 weeks postpartum I had my doctor write a script for Newmans All Purpose Nipple Ointment and they finally started to heal!!! I was so thankful for this! I also liked My Best Friend nipple cream to help sooth and keep moist.
– simply working on latch, as annoying as it is to hear that during the time that helped.
– Motrin to keep inflammation down
– support – I don’t think I could of did it without the support of my boyfriend. He knew how much breastfeeding meant to me so he supported me never saying I should give up.

Now at 11 weeks his latch isn’t perfect but things a ARE better. We nurse 100% of the time for the most part. He might get a bottle 2-3 times a week so I can rotate what I have in the fridge. Most days are good, but we do have some painful days. I finally see it as a bonding experience and am very happy I stuck it out.

For any of you going through troubling times with breastfeeding please note it does get better. There will more then likely be bumps in the road with nursing along the way but it’s all worth it I see. 🙂


Seeing them grow from your nourishment is priceless!

4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Journey

    • He is!! I’m sorry to hear that it’s not going so well.. I hope she has lots of support during the mean time and knows it does get better. I’m hear if she needs anything!! Hope your staying warm in this chilly winter we are having.

  1. Boy, you had a tough road. I’m so proud of you for hanging in there and sticking with it, no matter how miserable it was!!! You are an amazing mommy to Chael! I always knew I’d breastfeed before I had a baby too…but never knew how much it would really push me to my limits with it’s challenges. Now I love breastfeeding and love the bond I share with my daughter. It’s truly incredible how hard work really does pay off when you stay focused. I’m so glad you have a good support system–that’s SO IMPORTANT!

    • Thank You, it’s nice to hear that! There was a lot of tears and challenges but we got through it. Not to say the future won’t have any, but if we made it through what we did so far I think we will do just fine!! Chael’s dad Sean has been such a great help especially during that time, I’m so thankful for that! It’s great that you stuck it out as well, Winter is a lucky girl!

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