Baby Rice Arrival Story

It’s amazing how not scary pregnancy, labor and delivery really are. It’s something we as women sort of always picture as this beautiful but scary thing (well at least me). However, as I have now been through it, I’m thankful for an easy, not scary but healthy experience it all was.

Throughout my pregnancy I admit I had it pretty good, no back pains, uncomfortable sleeping or even Braxton Hicks contractions. So when it came to the end of my pregnancy I felt annoyed I had no signs of labor. At 38 weeks I was checked to find no progress at all. After reading the labor story on the Baby Winter Lute Blog, I decided that for dinner on my due date I would whip up some Eggplant Parmesan. ( This dish is said to help encourage labor). It turned out really yummy and it was like I could feel the magic working already. Little did I know that would be the last meal I would make for a while. As the following morning I woke from a pop noise that I thought, “no it couldn’t be” my water. I woke up a few minutes before 8 am and used the restroom to see if it was my water that had broken. Nope no signs, I laid back down only to then feel trickles of water. As I got up to go back to the bathroom I felt a big gush. In the bathroom I realized something was up and I smiled with excitement knowing it was time.

We arrived to the hospital a little before 10am. At this point I was not having any noticeable contractions or discomfort. Once registered they hooked me up to be monitored to see how baby was doing. At this point they had already mentioned Pitocin ( in the near future) because there was meconium in the amniotic fluid ( they tested the fluid when I got there to make sure my water did break). So from the time we arrived until about 3:30pm I spent the time walking the halls and having the baby monitored. I was also checked when we got there and I was dilated to a 2. At about 3:30/4 I requested the epidural because the contractions were coming faster together which made it harder to handle. I thought the epidural would be a smoother process but it was a bit uneasy. I didn’t realize the threading would send my leg flying out in a reflex that startled the nurses, lol. Finally a little after 5 it was in, it took about a half hour before it took full effect. The nurse checked me then and I was at a 3/4. From then to about 9 I did not feel any contractions. However, I started feeling this slight pain in my back, which grew bigger with time. I realized I was having back contractions from the way baby was faced. Unfortunately not even the epidural could help this. I ended up feeling painful back contractions until he was born.

Around 11pm I had the nurse come in because I was having bad heartburn that I was getting no relief from with Tums. I told the nurse that it made me feel like I had to vomit. Next thing I knew I was. After that the nurse checked me to see I was at a 9. I think the vomiting was a sign of the transition stage. The doctor was called and shortly later I could feel a lot more pressure down there. The nurse checked and surely I was ready. A little after midnight I started pushing. There was a few minutes before we started pushing that I told the nurse I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to push with all the back contractions. Sure enough though I was able to. After 1hr and 15 minutes of pushing, our little man was born at 1:36am. The pushing wasn’t really painful but after each push I had a back contraction. That was painful. They then cleaned him up while the DR took care of me ( I ended up having a 2 degree tear). Once baby and I were taken care of they brought him to me, no longer than 5 minutes on my chest baby found my breast and latched on himself. It was pretty incredible.

The next few days were a big blur. I remember not looking forward to my first walk once I got out of bed. When I finally made it to the bathroom and looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe how swollen my eyes were ( from pushing), no wonder I had a hard time seeing after he was born.

Something else I didn’t realize was how sore your body gets from the pushing. My upper body was so sore for a few days afterwards.

Baby looked great and was nursing ( but incorrectly). He even did the breast crawl after he was laid on my chest and was successful.

This process has been going great. I honestly did not have a lot of time to dwell about it or the fact that I had to get stitches. Mainly because I was super absorbed with BF matters. To put it simple it has been a huge emotional roller coaster. I will prolly do a post about it once we get to a better point. But even though it has been really hard it is getting better each week.

Well I hope to get in a one month post soon as it’s already that time!

Here are some pictures.

At the hospital –


5 days old –

c n i 2144chael1 s n c




10 thoughts on “Baby Rice Arrival Story

  1. Thanks for posting about your birth experience! So beautiful!!!! I’m so glad that it wasn’t a scary experience. I think that all of our lives before giving birth, there is a sense of fear going into it. I agree that there was nothing scary about birth! I would say that labor contractions were very painful, but I would totally repeat the process to have a second (and maybe third) baby!

    I’m sorry to hear about your bad back labor, but good thing you had the epidural, because I bet it would’ve felt way worse without it!!

    I’m glad everything went well and you and Chael are healthy. Again, so sorry about BF troubles, but you aren’t alone, sister!! Hang in there!

    • Yes us being healthy is worth it all ( even the bad BF).. I also found contractions being the worse part. The epidural did help with a lot of the overall pain, so I am thankful for that.

      Thanks again for the BF encouragement it really does help! 🙂

      • No problem!! If anyone understands breastfeeding struggles, it is me. I feel like I had so many issues myself, so I understand. I totally can empathize with you. You are doing great!

        Thanks again for sharing your birth story!

  2. what a beautiful little boy!! congratulations!!!!!!! so happy to read your birth story – sounds like it was a truly wonderful experience!! so happy for you. i’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get on here and finally see your newest addition, life is CRAZY! as you can imagine!! i hope you are enjoy ever second with him. you look fabulous and very happy 🙂

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