4 Sparkles

Well it’s official I started this pregnancy with snow and it looks like I am ending it with snow as well. It’s crazy to think of how long you really do bake your little one. I am planning to do a end of pregnancy update very soon, just need to get a nice baby bump picture. But for a little update, things have been going well, we are about 10 days from our due date (Nov. 3rd). <This Sunday, Oct. 27, is our first due date>… We had to go in for some extra ultrasounds this past week to check baby’s growth because my stomach has been measuring behind. The results came back pretty good, he is probably going to be alot smaller then we anticipated though. But that is okay. :-)..Other then that I have an incrediable easy pregnancy, which I am very thankful for.

Some Sparkle Holiday Joys. πŸ™‚

Sparkle 1 –

Hosting a Holiday party this year? Check out this super cute appetizer that looks simple and will please your guests.Β 708

Sparkle 2

What about these darling place mats that help you remember the real joys of life.


Sparkle 3 –

A fun festive DIY project.


Sparkle 4

This says it all.. πŸ™‚


Found here.


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