4 Sparkles

Hello..I totally let the past two weeks slip by without a post. However, it hasn’t been because we have welcomed our baby ( he is still baking), I really don’t have a good excuse haha…I hope you all are settling well into Fall. I visited an Apple Festival this past weekend, it was a great way to embrace fall and the fact that it was a sunny 75F degree day wasn’t to shabby either. This weeks sparkles are just odd balls of things to spark your interest.


Sparkle  1 – Not so 50 anymore

Even though I wasn’t a huge a fan of the book series, 50 Shades of Grey, I was oddly relieved to find out that the casted member Charlie Hunnam had exited the film. Not anything against him personally, but he is not what I “pictured” in my mind as Christian Grey. From what I hear there are a lot of other people thinking the same. I think my vote for this character would have to be Ian Somerhalder.


Sparkle 2 – Chunky Scarf

A chunky scarf is surely a great option to finish any fall outfit off. If only I knew how to crochet, I would make one for each day of the week. 🙂





Sparkle 3 – Return of Fall TV

Anyone else super excited for all our favorite shows to return with new seasons. Yes another reasons to love fall. However, I have been wondering how I will keep up with my favorite shows once this little one arrives. What are you watching this fall??


Sparkle 4 – Useful tricks

Check this cute dog out. Some of these tricks might come in handy once we have another little one around.



7 thoughts on “4 Sparkles

  1. I love scarves…and am so excited to start wearing them now that the weather is cooling off and I’m not pregnant anymore (i always got easily hot).I love that chunky scarf!

    Fall tv, yes! I don’t watch much tv in general, but now that I breastfeed, there is more time available for shows. I really like New shows The Goldburgs and Trophy Wife. And of course the classic Dancing With the Stars.

    • Yes I love the scarves. I actually sewed a infinity one today that doubles as a nursing cover. Once, I test it out I will do a tutorial.

      I haven’t watched either of those shows yet, I have seen the previews, but they are on a night I watch other shows. I thought about getting DVR to record shows to watch during nursing times.

      Who is your favorite dancing couple? I haven’t watched this season, but I have heard on various new sites about the couples. I watched one couple dance on Ellen the other day.

      • How cool that you made a nursing scarf! I had to do my first “in public” feeding the other day and that was nerve wracking first of all….I didn’t love my nursing cover. I wonder if I’d like a scarf style better.

        I think Corbin will probably.win this season.because he is so good. I really liked Christina Milian but she got voted off. I like the one guy who is the standup comedian…I hope he stays on! I always love DWTS!

      • I’ve heard of clip things that you can use with a blanket for nursing. When you find something that works well for ya, you will have to let me know.. I once had a client tell me that you should sometimes nurse covered up at home so baby is used to it. She said she had problems nursing covered in public bc her infant would fuss about being covered. I thought that was a interesting tip.

      • That’s a really interesting point! I have used my nursing cover quite a bit now with having my dad visiting for a week 🙂 She definitely seems used to the cover, but I love not having to use it. This morning it got used in Starbucks (my sis and I were both nursing our babies while drinking small coffees). I feel like the more I’ve nursed in public, the easier it is, and the more comfortable I feel.

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