4 Sparkles

It clearly can’t be the end of the week already, is it? I guess the time flying is not a bad thing, although most days it seems like time drags. This week I have been spending countless hours searching for the perfect purse / diaper bag for short trips out. We got a super man bag to be used as the diaper bag, because my guy is super picky about things like that. (lol).. Here is what we went with in case you are also in the same situation ;-). Since this bag is actually pretty large, almost too much, I decided we were prolly going to need something for quick trips. After countless hours, here are a few of the bags I think may work out.

Sparkle 1 – Michael Kors Jet Set East West Zip Top Tote



Sparkle 2 – Michael Kors  Weston Medium Satchel



Sparkle 3 – Steve Madden Bmaxxy Tote




Sparkle 4 – Fossil Erin Tote




You will probably find a common theme to my picks. I found that satchels and totes fit best for what I was looking for. I like the idea of outside pockets, interior pockets and crossbody option. I also found that the fold over purses were nice because you can have them small or big, depending on your needs. I did happen to pick up the Steve Madden one on clearance at TJ Maxx in a similar but slight smaller size then the one posted. It was in a brown color, so that only means I will have to get another purse to go along with black, ;-)…

I hope this information comes handy to some of you, as I had a hard time finding out information on this topic.

X. P.


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