DIY Chevron Banner

The past few weeks since my guy has been out-of-town working I have been able to tackle a few sewing projects. I find in this learning process ( I.e. Learning to sew), it has been a great way to pass time as I’m patiently awaiting the day I get to meet my little one. One project I completed this past week was sewing a banner. I’ve made these fun burlap, no sew, banners last fall which gave me the idea for this one. I wanted to incorporate the chevron of course then added in a different pattern that I found in a discount bin at Hobby Lobby.

Materials Needed 

Fabric ( I used cotton)

Paper ( to make template)


Scissors or Rotary Cutter



Sewing Machine

String ( or something to hang it from)

Step 1 – I first made a template to use for each banner. I just estimated how big I wanted each one to be. (I think this one was 4×6) I then pinned it to the fabric and cut it out. ** I made sure the material was folded so that each banner then had two pieces for each banner already together.




2. Once I had all the pieces cut out I took to the sewing machine. I first started by sewing the top leaving a small space so I could later string the banner onto a piece of rope. However, when trying to string it, it was a pain, so I went back and sewed it to a string. So what I would do is just saw it around the edges with about a 1/4 seam allowance.



Step 3 – Like I said before I went back and sewed it to a piece of bamboo string. I used a zig zag stitch for this part. Using tape helped keep it in place as well as pins.



This is what it looked like when completed.


This is the completed product. I hung it over a mirror in our “baby” room. In the center piece I just used a piece of white cotton fabric in which I sewed on two small squares of the other material to help tie it all together. The other fabric is a light vintage mint green with cream polk a dots.

I am happy with how easy and fun it was to make. It is by no means perfect, but it fits the room nicely.

I hope to share some of my other projects with you soon!!

X. P.


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