4 Sparkles

It looks like we finally got a decent day. I am going to make sure I spend some time soaking up some of this sunshine we have since the storm rolled through this morning.

This weeks sparkle edition is of 4 random articles I read online this week that has struck a chord with me. I hope you find at least one a bit inspiring or enlightening.

Sparkle 1 – Life Lessons from Shel Silverstein

Remember those childhood poetry books we read as a child, Where The Sidewalk Ends or A Light in The Attic. This friendly article takes out some inspiring lines from the books that even us at adults can benefit from.

“It’s amazing the difference A bit of sky can make.” — “Sky Seasoning”

Sparkle 2 – 4th Trimester Bodies Project

I actually heard about this on Instagram from a person I follow.  I found it to be a beautiful concept, it basically is women accepting the changes to their body after carrying a child for 9 months. Not to let others or the media make them feel bad about those stretch marks or few extra pounds but to look at the beautiful creation they have just made. I found this empowering for a mother to be.

Sparkle 3 – The Scarecrow

This one is a video of the new Chipotle video that has been stirring up heat on the internet since it’s release. The concept of the video is suggesting for us to be more aware of where our food comes from.

Sparkle 4 – Quick Tips for Home Organization

Since we have this tiny little person moving in already even though the official date isn’t until next a few more weeks we have had a overwelmning need for organization. I found this on HGTV that gives some help for troubled areas. I can tell you one thing we will have to make sure to have toy organization under wrap as that is a pet peeve of mine, lol..


What about you? What sort of interesting things have you read or learned about this week.

X. P.



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