4 Sparkles

As the weeks past by we have had to make a lot of baby decisions. Some how it has been easier to put off selecting a name and jump right into everything else. Yes, we still haven’t come to an official name agreement. I thought I would share with you guys some of the decisions we have made so far.

Sparkle 1 – Baby room decor

One thing you will find throughout this post is that we are trying our best to reuse items and go eco-friendly. Since we decided to hold off until winter to do the remodeling for the baby room, we are using a room we already had with stuff that was already there. This past week we did some DIY projects and I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking before pictures!! Uhh…


This was an old dresser that actually was present in the house when we bought it ( as was all the previous owners furniture, most we donated)..Anyways, it was a black dresser with old gold rustic knobs. What we did was used a white based spray paint primer on the edges of the dresser. We then painted it a blueish/grey color. After drying we buffed out the corners with sand paper ( medium grade).. We have only found two knobs so far to go on it, still looking. But they are the cutest owls ever, that go along with our theme. I am extremely happy in it turned out. We have been looking around to buy a used dresser that we can place a changing pad on top and also doing the same distress job.

2013-09-12 05.07.58

Here is another picture. We also spray painted the shelf on top of the dresser, which was a really odd gold color. I have placed special baby items on there for now. More to come with this space later.


I REALLY wish I would have taken a picture of this. The lamp was also left here when we moved in. It was all mustard yellow, with a plastic/cardboard lamp shade. I wanted to throw it away so many times, but hung on to it. I am glad now that I did. What we ended up doing was just spray painting the base of the lamp, then buying fabric and redoing the lamp shade. It seriously cost us about $4.00 to redo it. It also goes perfect with our teal, grey and chevron theme!

Sparkle 2 – “Natural” baby products.



I do understand that Burts Bee is prolly not the most natural baby product out there, but it is better than some popular brands. This brand and some others ( California Baby and Earth Mama) are brands that we have chosen to stick with. These were gifts from a shower we got. I love seeing them all lined up and taking up space in our bathroom. Even though I have gotten some rap for choosing “not normal” baby items, I do feel better knowing we will be choosing to use more natural products for our baby.

Sparkle 3 – Cloth diapering

This topic has prolly be the most exciting and time-consuming ( in a good way) part of preparing for baby. I am not sure what sparked the initial interest.  I had thought about cloth diapering ( not knowing much about it), way before we got pregnant. Then when we did, I thought about it and it was like it, I’m going to do this. I haven’t looked back since either. It was a bit overwhelming at first learning about all the different systems of cloth diapering. But thanks to Baby Center, Pinterest, YouTube and my helpful cousin I have wrapped my head around the concept. A couple of quick reasons why we choose to do it

1. Both grandmas and my guy are on board.

2. Disposable diapers can take 400-500 years to deteriorate in landfills, they also are the 3rd most common thing you will find in a dump yard.

3. Babies who are clothed diapered are said to have fewer diaper rashes and walk sooner.

4. We are going to have to deal with dirty diapers either way.

5. They are too stinking cute!!! Take a look below.

2013-09-12 05.11.37


These are just a few of the different brands that we have. The two top ones on the left are for newborns. Brands starting on top, left to right, Little Joeys nb, Grovia nb, Thirsties duo wrap, Tots Bots pocket, G Diaper small, Sunbaby pocket.

Sparkle 4 – Stroller


Looking at strollers and carseats was a bit overwelming to say the least. I knew that I didn’t want more then one stroller but I wanted to make sure I got the right one for our needs. After some research we decided on the Graco Click Connect Jogger. I would of also like to have one of these Bugaboo strollers but it really isn’t practical for where we live and our needs. I also looked into the Bob which is a really nice highly rated jogger, but also didnt fit our needs. I had read that a lot of moms wished they would of waited to get the Bob with their 2nd child and gotten a duo. I think that is prolly what we will do. For now the Graco Jogger seems to fit the bill, it is highly rated, great price, not to heavy or bulky, and can be used for general use or as jogger.

Well that’s all for now.

X. P.


5 thoughts on “4 Sparkles

  1. I love your repurposed lamp! It’s adorable! And as far as name goes–I think naming a baby is an extremely hard decision. We have officially settled on our baby’s name (but it’s staying top secret until she is born). We wavered back and forth so much about names, but it feels good to have one officially set in stone.

    • Thank You! I’m happy about how the lamp turned out. I’m making a matching banner right now that I will post about soon. Next will hopefully be pillows.

      Can’t wait to hear what you pick for a name. We have one that we are leaning too, but waiting to reveal if it turns out to be the one.

      • Can’t wait to see how it turns out! And pillows were really easy to make. Or at least the kind I made—just sewed squares and stuffed ’em with stuffing.

        I’m excited about our name–and excited to share it in a few weeks! I can’t wait to find out what you end up choosing too!

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