4 Sparkles

While away traveling a couple of weeks ago I picked up a few small items for my guy, just to make sure he knew he was thought. He was busy at work so he wasnt able to join me on my trip and join in on the festivities. I thought since Sweetest Day is already coming up this fall, I would do a Four Sparkles installment of gifts for guys. I included some of the small purchases I made for my guy, which he loved. Plus a nice Etsy addition.

Sparkle One – See’s Candie Chocolate Seegars (Cigar)


For the new dad in your life ( as some of my readers are expecting as well)..I can’t wait to try one.

Sparkle Two – Leather Bracelet ( Etsy find)


I thought this was something that could really be worn as an everyday piece. I love the manly edition of the stainless steel.

Sparkle Three – Vosges Mo’s Bacon Caramel Toffee


Ok so what guy wouldn’t jump for joy over bacon infused chocolate? This sweet candy incorporated 3 of my guy’s favorite things bacon, toffee and caramel. Check out their website for more bacon chocolate treats.

Sparkle Four – Redken Clean Brew Shampoo


While shopping at the beauty store with my mom I came across this. This is basically beer in a bottle as shampoo ( well sorta)..I recall hearing stories of people using a can of beer to wash their hair because of the benefits of the yeast and hops. This product has a very refreshing smell.

What are some of your guy’s favorites?

X. P.


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