2/3 the way through!

I have been meaning to do this once I got into the 3rd trimester. So today just a few days before week 30 I thought I would do a nice pregnancy update.

Of course we can start here with a picture πŸ™‚


(28 weeks 2 days )

How far along: 28 weeks 2 days

Total weight gain: 22lbs

Maternity clothes: Shirts for sure, this is a maternity dress in my picture ( super comfy). Just started wearing maternity pants and shorts about full-time. With that said looking forward to shopping for jeans and fall attire while in Cali this weekend.

Stretch marks: Nope….stomach gets itchy so I use Burts Bees Mama Butter daily

Belly button: in, out and flat…. really depends on the day, how I am siting / laying

Sleep: Good. For the past few weeks have been getting up once a night. Sometimes I am up for 1-2 hours at aΒ time. But other than that it’s been good.

Best moment this week: Got word back from the doctor office that I passed my blood glucose test. However, my hemoglobin was a bit low so they want me to take extra iron. Also looking forward to our first baby shower this weekend.

Miss anything: Champagne has sounded good lately. Waiting for my first days back home after the little guy is born to have a glass.

Movement: Oh yes..He creates these crazy waves of movement in my stomach. So yes lots of movement.

{20 weeks —> Yes..just small taps, bubbles and flutters}

Food cravings: Nope

Food aversions/morning sickness: ehh burger still sounds to gross to cook at home and fish

Gender: Boy πŸ™‚

Mood: Calm, a little anxious by wanting to get everything around before baby is here.

Looking forward to: Β Our 32 week u/s to check his growth, baby showers in the weeks coming and fall!

I feel very lucky and thankful that everything has been going good so far. I have had occasional backache and pelvic pain but other than that I can’t complain. I hope that doesn’t mean the labor/delivery and postpartum is going to be hectic.

Still staying active. I aim to do something everyday, which mostly is light weight lifting and walking. Since I completed the Color Run a few weeks ago, I have been mostly just walking not really jogging anymore. I still need to aim to do more Yoga though.

Hope you enjoyed my update. πŸ™‚ Will keep you all posted on the final weeks.

X. P.

PS Does anyone have any good baby shower game / thank you gift ideas??

6 thoughts on “2/3 the way through!

  1. You look so great! You have such a pretty bump.

    Have so much fun at your baby shower this weekend. For thank you gifts I made little tote bags with their initials (iron on) and a bottle of wine. The girls liked them! It was a small thank you for having them host.

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