4 Sparkles of the 2nd Trimester

I thought I would do a 2nd Trimester for my 4 Sparkle post this week. If you missed my 1st Trimester Favorites, check it out here.


Sparkle 1 – Babycenter

This has been one of my go to website / apps. I love the Community Forums where you can connect with other mothers / females on topics that interest you. It has been super helpful with everything from week to week pregnancy stuff to cloth diapering.

Sparkle 2 – Be Maternity BeBand

Ahhh..I wish I would have found this sooner than I did. It has been SOO helpful. It’s basically just a band of fabric that keeps your pants in tack. Although my days of using it are slowly going away, it has prolly been one of my most favorite items.

Sparkle 3 – Side Ruched Tee

Maternity shirts in general are so nice. They are longer than normal shirts so they make sure to cover up that band you might be wearing to hold your pants up, lol..These are my favorite kind of shirts, ones with the ruched siding. I don’t have a favorite brand however.

Sparkle 4 – Method Glass + Surface Cleaner

I’m still obsessed with clean counters / surfaces in my house. Something that until being pregnant didn’t really bother me as bad. This Mint Method spray has become my favorite.

I’m sure there are a bunch of other things I could write about but these were the things that came to mind the most. What about you? What helped you get through your trimesters?

X. P.


6 thoughts on “4 Sparkles of the 2nd Trimester

  1. I also love the side ruched tees, they are the best fit as well as most flattering! I wasn’t a boy fan of the beband but that was just because I didn’t like the feeling of wearing unbuttoned pants, lol.

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