4 Sparkles

Here’s to the sparkles of the week…


Sparkle 1 – KeVita

imagesImage found here.

I FINALLY tried these. So sad it took me so long. KeVita is a sparkling drink made with four strands of live probiotics. And let me tell you it is a super yummy drink!

Sparkle 2 – Chambray


Image found here.

Finding the perfect Chambray shirt is a must for this fall. For me, I am undecided if I will be able to wear a regular or maternity style one. Luckily I have found a few options to decide from.

Sparkle 3 – The Grafty Gemini – YouTube

I have taken on a few sewing projects this week ( post coming soon). I have found this site to be  so amazing. She has LOTS of great tutorials on how to make items from baby to home decor. I can’t wait to try out more videos.

Sparkle 4 – Essie – Nautical Collection


Image found here.

The center color is prolly by favorite. But I’m really thinking I might need to invest in a couple of these fun colors!

There it is friends. What kind of things are you loving this week?

X. P.


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