4 Sparkles

I hope you all enjoyed my first new installment of 4 sparkles. Here are my favorites this week.

Sparkle 1

I stumbled across this really cute blog and shop called Gussy Sews. Most of her shop includes items with her signature ruffles. This is just one of the many items I fancy.



Sparkle 2

As flats have been my favorite can’t go wrong with these cute thangs. 🙂



Sparkle 3

Yes another Baby book..I can’t help it.. 😉 I checked this one out last week as well. It has the cutest graphics and information in a fun way. It is a pretty big and bulky book but I think I will be purchasing this one for sure. It goes from pregnancy to age 3 years.



Sparkle 4

While reading the book suggested last week. I read a chapter about the Aka tribe where the men are questioned to be the best fathers in the world. Here is an article that will elaborate on this. Check it out.

Let me know what you think of this weeks sparkles and what are your favorites of the week?

Also stay tuned as I am working on putting together my list of second trimester favorites.


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