4 Sparkles

It has been awhile since I have written a 4 sparkle post. It was a post that I started to highlight 4 ( my favorite number) of my favorite current things. As I renew this weekly post, I plan to discuss not just “material” things but an assortment of things from food to article links.

Here it goes my 4 sparkles of the week.

Sparkle 1 – Baby books

I have been checking out various books from my local library from topics of pregnancy, birthing to childcare. Since one of my passions is to learn about other cultures it is no surprise my excitement when I found this book.



Found here

This book discusses parenting styles around the world. It has been a really great read so far.

Sparkle 2 Zevia

I also like to find a new drink to offset the daily dose of water. This is something I see a lot on Instagram so I thought I would give it a try. I didn’t think it was too bad for a natural sugar.


Product info and full list of flavors can be found here.

Sparkle 3  Sewing Machine

So this is the sewing machine I decided to go with. I got it yesterday and spent some time today learning how to operate it. I can’t wait to get started on some fun projects!! c9d967960e3330fd574565bda3eba32c

Here is a link of info and where I purchased it.

Sparkle 4  Daily devotion

She Reads Truth

This is my favorite sparkle of the week. This is a website that I found via Instagram a little while back, but just subscribed for their daily emails. It’s basically daily Bible devotions for females. They ( 6 talented ladies) compose plans that are made up of daily devotions. It usually consists of reading a few verses in the bible along with an explanation and how it can relate to our life. Not only does it allow me to read the bible each day it helps me get closer to our Lord. I HIGHLY recommend you check this out!

Hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favorite things this week?




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