To sew or not to sew?!

This past 4th of July weekend was great. The bf finally got to take a short trip home for the first time in nearly 3 months! We were able to spend time with friends and family, finish some ( not all) projects around the house, and enjoy the weather. I was extremely grateful of all the goodies my cousin brought up for the baby and I ( hello Medela electric breast pump and clothes galore!).

We also attended a few BBQ where this strawberry salsa was a HUGE hit. I really should have took pictures and did a post about it..Perhaps that is in the future.

So my mother has been talking to me for a while now about sewing. It is something she is really good at and has been doing for a long time. More and more recently ( past year) I have really thought about taking this up as a hobby. However, when I look into sewing and sewing machines it looks so foreign to me. I am considering purchasing this highly rated and affordable Brother machine as a super beginner.



It seems like it does everything I would need it to do for the time being. What about you, do you sew? If so what would you suggest for a beginner?

7 thoughts on “To sew or not to sew?!

  1. that strawberry salsa looks awesome!!!

    as for the sewing, definitely try it out! i learned how to sew back in home economic days in middle school and although i’m not a super sewer, its great to know your way around a machine. you can do so much with it!

  2. I’ve had a very similar salsa and love it!
    As for the machine – good luck! I’m sure whatever you get you’ll enjoy more than hand-stitching!

  3. If I had a sewing machine, I would totally sew! Now my projects might look less-than-perfect….but I think it’d be a fun hobby. My best friend has a sewing machine, and she helped me to sew the curtains for our nursery. Think of all the things you could make!!

    • I think perhaps you should get one. Haha..I have been pinning lots of ideas. Like curtains for the babies room and blankets..I think it deserves a post for sure. My things won’t be perfect of course but atleast it will be fun.

      • Perfection not necessary! I love custom things–especially when you put your own hard work, sweat and tears into something! I’m sure you will have fun making things, plus it gets you more excited for the baby too:)

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