Waterfalls and Flowers

This past weekend I took a spontaneous trip to visit the bf who has been away for over a month now. The trip was to northern Pennsylvania. Although the bf worked most of it, we managed to make the best of it. One of the days I headed out with some friends who were also there visiting to Ricketts Glen State Park for some hiking. We did the falls trail which ranges from 3.2-4 miles (difficult trail level) and showcases 18 waterfalls ranging in all sizes.





As I don’t recall the name of these three waterfalls, they were all unique for sure in their own way. If you are every in the area I would suggest checking it out!!


Since I have been back home this week, I have been trying to reconstruct the flower beds at our place. Granted this is my first experience with this, it hasn’t been too bad. The biggest challenge was digging out all the small rocks that embedded the bed. Then moving all of the hostas from the front of the bed to the back by the house. I havent dug up some of the other sprouting plants yet, because I am waiting to see what they are. I also purchased some fun perennials at a sale last week that I planted in with the mix. I am sure I will be doing more to it, as I see whats growing in here.




All these rocks plus more were dug out of the bed. The hostas are mostly moved in this photo.



Starting to line the rocks up to get a feel of what I want. I think once everything is planted I will throw some mulch down to fill it in. Deciding if I need to put in some sort of weed killer before hand. Will have to research that.

Hopefully will start the veggie garden soon as my little seedlings are coming along well.



7 thoughts on “Waterfalls and Flowers

  1. As I said before those falls are amazing.

    I too have been working on the yard, more with landscaping I removed a bunch of rocks that were also dug into the dirt, not fun!!!

    • They were great. Not a super far drive for a long weekend. I drove through Canada so it made it a little faster.

      Uh, so why do people plant rocks in their garden? lol. I have some side beds with smaller rocks in it, that’s my next project.

  2. You can thank the glaciers for planting those rocks for you 🙂
    Everywhere we dig in our yard there are just loads of them, and our sand roads end up piled with them after the snow retreats each year. At least they may good flower bed borders!

    • Yes that’s very true they do make great borders (one less thing I have to get). I wondered if the previous owners had placed all the rocks in the bed. Now to plant some mosquito repellent plants to ward off those little guys who are horrible thus far.

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