Getting through the 1st Tri

The past few months now seem like a bit of a blur, which I can only anticipate that there will be more times like this in the future. It has also been a really humbling experience. For a few years I worked with pregnant females providing counseling and education about proper nutrition during pregnancy. However, I have learned it is not as “by the book” as I could have imagined. That eating during pregnancy is not how I could have imagined. However, this has been a great experience that will help me with all the females that I may counsel in the future. I thought I would share with you all a few things that helped me get through the first tri.firsttri


Lemon-Line Gatorade – For some reason this has been my drink of choice while sick for years. I was unable to drink much water and didn’t like the sugary taste of ginger ale or citrus sodas. This was my staple for many weeks as I battled food aversions and nausea.

Peppermint – I went through a few packs of this gum. As you are pregnant you seem to get this constant nasty taste in your mouth ( somewhat due to slight dehydration). This gum helped with it a ton!

Fruit – I had and still have bad food aversions (it’s basically where the thought of certain or all foods make you sick feeling or actually sick). This was the main cause for my nausea. I still to this day can’t cook beef in the house or cook many big meals. However, fruit was always a go to as it never made me sick feeling. I am thankful for that because of the variety of great nutrients we can get from fruit.

ZZZZ’s – SLEEP! I am not sure how mothers to be who have a 9-5 job or a vibrant toddler at home do it. But sleep was my best friend especially since I have given up caffeine.

Citrus wipes – You will notice your smell increases big time while pregnant. These wipes helped keep smells down in the kitchen and bathroom. It made it more bearable to enter the kitchen with everything wiped down with yummy citrus smells.


Now all people are different but these things worked for me. Alot of things that worked for others didn’t work for me ( saltine crackers, etc). Today and recently I feel much much better, so going through what I did does feel like a distant time. Now, I fill my free time looking at fun stuff like cloth diapers and newborn outfits on esty.

If you have been pregnant before, what helped get you through the first tri?



13 thoughts on “Getting through the 1st Tri

  1. Wow, these are some interesting choices, I can’t imagine fruit being a remedy considering most of it contains citrus, I hear some pregnant opt for crackers to settle the stomach I guess everyone is different.

    • Yeah. I didn’t like the crackers, all seemed to salty. However, dry cereal was something I had around weeks 12-14 which helped in the morning. But something about morning sickness, is that it isn’t really always in the morning, it can last all day and at night too.

  2. Pregnancy seems like such an unpredictable thing. Some things work for lots of people, but you certainly hear of lots of ladies for whom those tried-and-true methods don’t help at all. Glad you’re improving and happy shopping 🙂

  3. My first trimester I lived on vegetable soup, salad, organic boxed macaroni and cheese, dill pickles and the real key -Ginger hard candies. I was constantly nauseous and the ginger candies and pickles were the only thing that helped.

  4. Congrats on making it through the yucky trimester!! I too craved fruit throughout my entire pregnancy. 🙂 I found that Jolly Ranchers helped with the nasty metallic taste. My second trimester was wonderful. Then my third trimester I lived on Tums. I had containers of them in my purse, in the car, in my desk at work, on my nightstand and in the kitchen.

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