Finally May

Well the ice finally dropped in the lake earlier this week and it now has been full of ducks and geese. It is so nice to see them back 🙂 I was inspired today by a post I read (here) early in the day. The talented Michigan blogger showed off some early spring pictures. So, while out on our daily walk I made sure to take note if any trees were budding yet. Sure enough there was budding branches on the trees (which really surprises me).

Here is some of my inspired evidence.



This got me thinking about what might be emerging at our place this spring. Since it is our first spring in our new house, I am wondering what sort of pretty flowers may be popping up in the next few weeks. Sort of fun to wait and watch! I also have been thinking about what flowers to plant. I seem to think that perennial will be the best bet for me. Some of my favorite that I am thinking about are Dhalias, Hydrangeas and Paeonias.

What about you? Do you grow any of your favorite flowers?



3 thoughts on “Finally May

  1. Thanks for the compliment 🙂
    Looking for new growth in the spring is exciting in a kind of unexplainable way.
    BTW – the fruit trees on the Old Mission Peninsula are full of buds – they’ll be blooming soon 🙂

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