When will it be Spring?

Ok, cabin fever may be setting in. Frequent daydreams of our lake sparkling bright from sunshine are popping up daily.

Some things I am looking forward to for this spring are

1. Gard planning – Finally get to plant my own garden ( not my regular potted plants chilling on the patio). I found this garden planning tool over on Better Homes and Gardens.

2. Spring colors – I’m looking forward to some pretty floral and emerald maxi dresses. Check out these looks here.



Dress found here.

3. Running – To not have to bare the ice and be able to get out for a run.

4. Spring Cleaning – Ok, yes I know spring cleaning, really? But it’s more the after fact, the way you feel about your living space once its done. Β I have big plans to go through my closet for this one. Β To get your Martha Stewart spring cleaning on check out this.

5. Family & friends – As it’s always important to spend time with your friends and family all year around. This spring I have some special things planned with certain members that I am looking forward to.

What about you? Are you excited about Spring?


PS Thank you to all my international readers πŸ™‚




15 thoughts on “When will it be Spring?

  1. I am going to brave the ice this afternoon – can’t take being inside, seeing how beautiful it is out there, and not partaking. But, DEFINITELY looking forward to “running season” again…which I had just mentioned to my husband yesterday πŸ™‚
    Also looking forward to some friend/family time with morel hunting this spring.
    I border on OCD with my organization and cleanliness, so I’m mainly looking forward to having the windows open – that’s what spring clean feels like to me!

    • We have been blessed with all this awesome sunshine lately. I am just about to head outside as well – again. We have to find some new areas to go morel hunting since we are new to the area up here. But yes, that is one of my new favorite things to do ( wasnt much of a mushroom eater until recent years). Open windows – ahh- this sunshine almost makes you think you can do it. haha..Enjoy your adventures out today :-).

  2. I’m heading into Autumn and I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler. I’m so over these 30+ days all the time. I’m looking forward to wearing all my jackets and boots again! Although I’m sure I’ll be longing for the hot days right in the middle of winter.

  3. Enjoyed reading your anticipations for spring. Which must be coming. Soon. We hope. I am excited to wear light jackets or–my goodness–some days no jackets at all! Since we had a snowstorm with 12 inches this morning, I can’t get too excited. Yet.

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