Mini Cucumber Sandwiches & More

As noted in my previous post I discussed menu items for a tea time party. Over the weekend, I actually did make a few of the recipes. I would have to say my favorite item of all was the lemon and lavender shortbread cookies (YUM!). Another dish that was great was the cucumber sandwiches. Originally, I made the “traditional” sandwiches, which consist of white bakery sandwich bread, butter, salt and thinly sliced cucumbers. I also made a variety with whole wheat bread, which I prefered better. I also used a butter substitute because of my no dairy thing.

Basically with the cucumber sandwiches you first thinly slice cucumbers with skin off.



2013-02-24 03.54.51

You sprinkle salt on one side of bread ( let sit for about 30 mins), then add butter to slice, top with cucumbers and piece of bread. I cut the crust of the whole wheat pieces ahead of time then just cut them into two. With the white bread I did not do this.


We also made two different types of shortbread. I also made a lemon tea cake that was really tasty!


Lemon Tea Time Cake

2013-02-24 03.59.56

Display of 3 tea time treats


Lavender & Lemon Shortbread

I think these goodies will go great paired with some fun salads, or that is just the Dietitian in me speaking.

Hope everyone is having a great week! This week has been hectic as I decided to give up caffeine for a while.

X. P.


10 thoughts on “Mini Cucumber Sandwiches & More

  1. My mouth was seriously watering when I read this, I always add cucumbers to my sandwiches, and the tea time cake looks so moist, yum!!!

    You are ready for spring with these treats!

  2. what a cute idea! always wanted to have/go to a high tea party! they have a couple places around my house that does things like this but i like the idea of doing it at home and making these yummy treats 🙂 hope you guys had a great time!!

  3. My mouth is watering! This looks so good. It would be nice to have a tea party today and those cucumber sandwiches would be delicious. Thank you.

  4. You just can’t go wrong with lemon and lavender! I made a similar cake for a friend’s birthday back in September. It might be time to think about those flavors in a creme brulee….

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