Skiing Tahquamenon Falls

In honor my of bf birthday we took a little trip to northern Michigan to do some skiing. Our original plans was to visit up by picture rocks but we decided we didn’t want to spend a majority of the day in the car and opted for Tahquamenon Falls. We visited here early on as a younger couple during the summer for some romantic hiking. It was just as pretty as I remembered. The park was full of people both hikers, snowshoes and snowmobilers, it really is fit for any snow sports. We drove up to the high falls and did a 4 mile loop on our cross-country skis then hiked by foot to see the falls. Even though it was a brisk 16F the sun was shining making it a beautiful day. They were also providing free snowshoeing for the visitors, also including a lantern lit rout during dusk. After our trip skiing and hiking we went into the brewery and enjoyed a beer and appetizer. The brewery was packed which was really nice to see for that time of year. Here are some photos from our trip.


2013-02-09_14-16-45_579 2013-02-09_14-34-19_763 2013-02-09_14-50-42_281 2013-02-09_14-56-07_92 2013-02-09_14-57-48_137 2013-02-09_15-44-40_15 2013-02-09_15-45-15_288 2013-02-09_15-46-40_919 2013-02-09_15-46-53_646 2013-02-09_17-29-42_802 2013-02-09_17-29-53_420


A view of Lake Superior ( a bay portion of it) as the sun was starting to go down.












This picture is of East Lake which is the lake our cabin is on. Made it just in time to see the sun setting.


If you are looking for a place to get away, I would suggest visiting the falls. They are offering free snowshoeing through this month!


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