DIY Pinterest Engagement Canvas Gift

One of my very good friends just got engaged over the holiday season. I had pinned a cute canvas project weeks ago that was inspired from the Kate Spade polka a dot dish collection. Having an extra canvas lying around, I though I would create a fun engagement gift idea for my friend.

Supplies –


Paint (Purple, Green and White)

Paint brushes


Newspaper ( or something so you don’t paint on the table :-/)


Circle Sequin ( or whole punched sparkly scrapbook paper)


I first mixed the paint to make a nice mint color. My friend is crushing hard on mint right now, so I thought it would be perfect, plus it’s the green and white colors we love (GO MSU!!).




I only had to really do about two layers, compared to darker colors, this went on really nice.




Pretty Mint & Glitter glue



I added a wooden heart, which I painted mint as well. I used glitter glue to add some sparkle to some of the sequins pieces.




Next you just want to place the sequins in a pattern on the canvas to come up with something you like. I also used a stencil and some purple paint to draw a J and M, placing the mint heart in between them.



Once you have a design you like go ahead and glue the pieces on.




This is it sitting up on our fireplace mantle. I think it will be a nice touch to their purple room.

Have you done any fun projects lately?


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