Warm Winter Clothing – Favorites

It’s no secret that it has been freezing here in Michigan let me tell ya. So freezing that even my little brother decided to extend his stay in warm southern Cali for another week to stay away from the frigid below zero temperatures.

To stay on top of my fitness goals, I have been using some of my favorite winter gear to stand the cold weather.


This photo is from the other week. Here I am gracefully going over a bridge on my cross-country skis, trying not to slip as the freezing river is flowing beneath me. The trail was in Hartwick Pines, a very lovely State Park located in Grayling MI that is known for its huge pine trees.

I’d like to mention a couple of the items I am wearing that help me stay warmer in the brisk temperatures.

1. Columbia Omni Tech base layer – this base layer has thermal reflecting technology, to keep heat trapped in (I also have a coat made with this by Columbia).


2. North Face ski pants – These one’s are similar to the older edition I have. They are stylish by being form-fitting while  keeping you super warm and dry!


3. Smart Wool PhD Ski – Warm feet and hands are a must, these socks make sure to at least keep you feet warm and dry!!


Although I have a growing variety of winter wear, these would prolly be my favorite. Do you have any favorite winter clothing??


4 thoughts on “Warm Winter Clothing – Favorites

  1. Awesome. I was trying to find a Columbia coat. I went to LL Bean and got a weatherproof coat and some of their great classic boots. S’okay so far. We’ve only had a little snow here. 🙂 The boots are WARM and the coat… I still have to layer up quite a bit. Have fun!!

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