Food Trends 2013

Every year we see various new things hitting the shelfs, last year I recall the frenzy with Chia Seeds and Kale chips. Yes I jumped on that band wagon.  While researching the topic, I selected a few trends that I think I possible may have to try out.

1. Coconut Water Powder – The brand Navitas Naturals has come out with this product (other may have too). The powder can be mixed into water, smoothies or any recipe. It’s main purpose would be for hydration.

2.  Popcorn – I don’t think I need to say much about this tasty treat!! Perhaps since sour is the new salty for 2013 maybe we will be finding some new fun flavors hitting the shelfs!

3. – Smoked/Ashed – This trend is said to be hitting restaurants to give food some extra flavor. Perhaps you will be ordering your stake with a side of charcoal-infused mashed potatoes.

4. Making a hit (even in my newest Nutrition magazine) is Cauliflower. It is said to be the new kale. I look forward to trying a cauliflower pizza crust recipe, REAL soon!

5. Seaweed – I heard of this not to long ago, but you may see it in chip form at your local supermarket or holding together you fish filet at a restaurant.


5 thoughts on “Food Trends 2013

  1. I had some battered cauliflower last night for dinner which was delicious. Not the healthiest way of eating them though but yummy anyway. I also read a study awhile back that coconut water doesn’t actually do anything for you. And… last year I went to a winery and they had ash covered goats cheese which was the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted in my life!

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