4 Easy Breezy Tips to Boost your Immune System

As most of us are aware flu is in full swing. Some have even said it is a pretty intense season so far. I thought I would go over some easy tips on foods that can help increase your immune system to help ward off those icky flu bugs. I wanted to include some that most may have at home, so we aren’t out searching for these wonder foods ( increasing risk of encountering those icky bugs).

1. Garlic – This item is great in that it helps produce more white blood cells that fight off the bad oxidants in our body. It is an easy ingredient to add into most dishes, as many of us probably already do. So, if you use it regularly, good job! Your are already helping your immune system!!

2. Omega 3 fatty acids – There has been some research that states omega 3 from either flax-seed or fatty fish can help increase the activity of the white blood cells helping you fight off bad germs faster.

3. Selenium – This is found in again some fish like tuna but also whole grains and vegetables (which we should have at home, right?). This mineral helps kill bad cells in the body.

4. Vitamin C – Yes this is a no brainer, but I thought if you were looking for some new ideas for Vitamin C check out this yummy fruit! Pummelo it is called, half of the fruit equals almost 100% of the your daily Vitamin C requirements!


People have alot of natural remedies they do during this time, do you have any to help ward off the flu??


14 thoughts on “4 Easy Breezy Tips to Boost your Immune System

  1. Omg, this came at a perfect time, I feel a soar throat coming on, I eat a lot of garlic and greens weekly, and salmon about twice a month, one thing I am not big on is fruit besides berries, but I bought oranges yesterday.

    I always drink a variety of teas.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog and nice to meet ya. Lots of good ideas here! Nice to know someone else who did the Whole Living detox diet. I eat pretty darn healthy anyway (except for some, errrhmmmm, minor indulgences) but am just feeling a strong desire to try this. Cutting out the whole grains and the decaff coffee and some other things just feels right. Am still drinking one cup of white tea per day but may cut that out after a while too.

  3. I do love garlic!!
    Probably the best thing I can do to keep my immune system strong is to not eat sugar. That and sleeping enough, starting at the same time every night.

    I also drink lots of water, and balance it (so as not to flush out my electrolytes) by eating some salty food at some point during the day as well as a banana and sometimes a popsicle if I feel like I really sweated a lot. Electrolytes are important! I take a multi-vitamin, too… one of the ones supposed to be as ‘easily digestible’ as food.

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