New Year’s Day – 2013

Finally back to civilization since being at the cabin since, last year, literally. We have been overwhelmed and very grateful for all the lovely company we have had this month. But with 5 NYE invitations and almost loosing my voice, we decided to spend some time at our cabin in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Wanted to share a view of the beautiful pictures I took over the week.


Crossing the Mackinaw Bridge


After a day of skiing, it always nice to come back to the cozy cabin


This is the in the back yard, it’s the new trail (road) to the lake the cabin is on.


This is the new opening to the lake. We skied on the lake for a bit. Just love how peaceful it was.


A 180 view of the lake, frozen but beautiful!

So, how have you been enjoying 2013 so far?


8 thoughts on “New Year’s Day – 2013

  1. Amazing, you live in such a beautiful area. The second to the last photo looks serene, in fact they all do, but that one is my favorite. Our friends who now live NYC ski as well, they mentioned that Northern Michigan has some great spots for skiing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks! Yes there sure is some great places up here, we are pretty new to the skiing, but love it so far!! Hoping to do either a trip over to Sleeping Bear Dunes or up to Picture Rocks next month for a ski trip πŸ™‚ ** Love that it’s a great workout as well

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