Pinterest inspired – DIY Christmas Banner

I finally put away my good old Spartan banner to make room for this new Christmas Banner. I looked through a variety of banner examples on Pinterest to help spark my creative bone. This is what I came up with.

What you need:


Burlap or some short of fabric, cut into 7 squares ( folded to have two sides)


Sponge brush



Hot Glue Gun


Christmas music


Once I cut up the burlap in the right size, I used a stencil to paint on the letters.


Here are the letters set to dry. You might want to lay them on paper so paint does not leak onto the surface underneath. I also cut the ribbon into two equal size pieces, tied them into a bow. While waiting to try, I made some yummy Chia Tea.


After they tried, I glued them like I did here. Then this is the final product!

I haven’t decided where I will hang this yet, but right now it is hanging up over my favorite cranberry candles.


These are just candle jars filled with fresh cranberries then topped with tea candles. They last for about 1 week before you should switch out the berries.


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