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It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of a lovely long weekend! Just incase any of my beloved followers or new comers are wondering, I have been messing around with my blog theme/format. I want to use WordPress for my business site, so lately I have just been experimenting with different themes. I am more than likely going to hire someone to help me modify my business site however.

Another cool announcement is that I just started Health Coaching!! I am really excited about this opportunity and plan to incorporate it into my overall services. Helping people change their life will be a really rewarding job I feel.

Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Here are some fun pictures of my pup Macie enjoying the snow we got over the weekend.

Macie waiting for a snow ball to catch





Hope you all have a Healthy Monday and week to come!!

PS Anyone go Black Friday shopping? If so, what sort of deals did you score?



8 thoughts on “Blog Updates

  1. What a great service, and we want to hire someone to make changes to our blog as well.

    These photos are so cute, our dog Mocha hates the snow and rain, she wants nothing to do with it, she runs back inside the house. She is such a California dog, I brought her with me from Cali.

    • Macie hates the rain but loves the snow. They can be so silly. I actually found some great help on Etsy actually. There are alot of shops that offer webdesigns, logos, social media buttons. I am trying to decide if I should have someone set it up for me or just help me with things here and there. Trying to be resourceful about it has well.

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