Simply Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Yes! It’s that time again, time to stuff our faces with yummy Holiday food while enjoying the company of our loved ones. This year we are hosting Thanksgiving, and boy are my guest in for a treat! I am putting new twists on the traditional meals to make sure everyone leaves feeling good about themselves instead of full of empty calories. Here are a few tips of the simple steps I will be doing to make the day healthier.

1. Focus on fresh veggies – while shopping, I realized that at least 70% of my cart was full of fresh veggies!! Trying this new twist on mashed potatoes.

2. Keep it simple – Try to prepare and cook foods leaving them in their more natural stage. For instance steam your green beans and add some natural flavoring like lemon zest. This creates a healthy and easy twist on your green bean dish. But if you still feel you need a more traditional green bean casserole, check out this healthier recipe.

3. Start a tradition – Holidays are no excuse not to get some nice exercise in. Start a family tradition by taking a morning or after dinner walk. Or what about a good game of football or finding a new hiking spot in your area? Whatever it is, involve the whole family!! Nothing better than being a positive role model for the little ones!!

4. Slim down your desserts – Here I found some yummy desserts with fruit as the main item. You can also try my fresh pumpkin pie recipe!

5. Watch your fluids – Sometimes are fluids can really rack up our daily calorie count, so watching the beverages you drink can really make a difference.

These are just some simple steps that I will be doing for my family this Holiday. Do you follow any of them or think any would be easy to incorporate in your day??


( Pictures came from highlighted sources)


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