Home Office Ideas

In just a few weeks I will be a business owner.  Since I will be working from home, I need to find some great solutions that accommodate small spaces. Above are some examples that I really fancy.

Love the idea of combining a desk, bookshelf and storage together. Do you have work space at home? How have you decorated it?


Ikea desk 

Green storage

Reading nook

Chalkboard labels

Vintage office

Wood table with chandlier


6 thoughts on “Home Office Ideas

  1. We just bought a house, and I am excited about creating my work space as well. I have been working from home in a one bedroom apartment along with my husband, he also works from home, and somehow we made it work, I can’t wait to move in our house.

  2. How exciting!! Congrats on the new home!! We bought our first home (cottage) last July. Soon we will be remodeling and making it more cozy. I hope you post some pictures of your decorating, I am sure it is as good as your style!

  3. love the vintage looking office! very girly and chic 🙂 you can’t go wrong with ikea either…they have some great office pieces for an affordable price…plus space saving organization options. would love turn our guest bedroom into an office area but its super tiny..hopefully in our next home! keep us posted on what you decide, would love to see the final product 🙂

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