DIY Painted Canvas Gift or Decor

A couple of weekends ago I was invited to an Adoption Party. No, it’s not like an animal adoption day where you go and pick out a new furry friend to take home. It was a celebration day for a friend of mine, whose adoption of two sweet little kids was FINALLY official! I had never been to one of these before, so I wasn’t sure about the gift situation. Since I had been admiring these cute painted canvas projects on Pinterest, I thought I would try it out myself!



Materials needed are basic painters tape, hot glue gun, wooden letters, paint, paint brushes, wooden object ( animal, letter,etc.) & time. You basically just tape down the stripes then paint the open part. Wait to dry then use hot glue to stick the wooden letters on the canvas! ( You can paint the wooden letters if you like). I wanted to make my meaningful, so I put the letters of the kids new names on the canvas.

I am thinking about doing some for home. I really like to do a combination of these two.



Have you done any fun diy projects lately??


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