DIY Group Halloween Costume – Powerpuff Girls

Typically I admit I usually NEVER dress up for Halloween. However, for some reason I decided I would in efforts to say, YES, to more things. My friends and I decided that we would want to be something as a group. Not to belittle ourselves into being sexy (input here), we decided to pick some sort of super (input here). So while searching the web looking for a team of 3 super somethings I came across this picture on Polyvore

The Powerpuff girls – Grown Up Edition

I figured that this would be great. We were able to find a dress in all three colors needed ( pink, green and turquoise). Next was just finding the accessories like black shoes & belts, ribbons and such. The dress we found was from a store (dELiA*s)) that I once as a girl received monthly catalogs from but sadly never made a purchase for some reason.


The other colors can be found here. I am pretty excited to see how it all turns out. I will update this entry with a picture soon!

Oh, and if any of you are like me and totally not sure who the Powerpuff Girls are?? Basically they were a cartoon ( and movie) aired in the late 90s about three gals ( Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles) who have super natural powers. And of course they are super cute..Go here for more info if you’d like.

What about all of you, are you dressing up this year? What are your plans??




We ended up using black ribbon for the belt and white tights to complete our outfits. It was a really easy and fun costume idea!



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