Patience is a Virtue like making Apple Butter


I read not to long ago either in a book or an article about how we live in a world where we always want instant gratification. How, we want everything now and seldom like to wait. I can relate to this about a lot of things. Mainly in life, when will my life finally really begin. Is it once I am done with college? When I get married? When I have a family?? It’s hard to say. But finding patience in timing seems key.

“In your patience possess ye your souls” Luke 21:19


So how is patience like making apple butter? Well it is something that I have always wanted to make, BUT it takes FOREVER!! Well about ten hours forever!! It isn’t something ( like the banana muffins I made today) you can whip up and eat, you have to smell its goodness all day while it cooks. Then after patiently waiting you can enjoy it! This sort of relates to hard work and reward.

Above are my pics of peeling the yummy Gala apples


7 small Gala apples

2tsp of cinnamon

2tbsp splenda brown sugar

6tbsp of coconut sugar

1/4tsp salt


Peel and cut apples into small pieces. Put all items in crock pot mixing well. Cook on high for one hour then about 8-9hrs on low. I used a bean masher ( or some would call a potato masher) after about 7 hours and stirred about once every two hours. It can be stored in the fridge for about 6 days!


This propably isn’t the best picture, but I tried some out on some whole wheat toast!! And YES it was soo worth the wait!

Hope some of you have a chance to try the recipe out!! How do you remember to be patient with life?


7 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue like making Apple Butter

  1. That is not how I imagined apple butter to look like but it sounds amazing! 10 hours is a long time but I agree, instant gratification is just too common and no one wants to wait. It’s the reason everyone has to post everything they’ve ever done whilst doing whatever it is they’re doing straight away instead of waiting to tell people about it in person.

    Admittedly, I do it but i find it amazing the amount of times I’m at a concert and people are on facebook, checking in and posting photos… just enjoy the damn show!!!

    *rant over*

    Also glad to hear your diet changes are working. It’s almost motivating me to give up dairy but I can’t bear the thought of it

    • Yes, I think we crave instant gratification a bit too much. We want fast results and are commonly not into waiting for them. Anyways, apple butter does not look like it sounds it would. It does taste better then it looks, its kinda of like the filling to apple pie. I have had it lately in my oatmeal and on toast with pb.

  2. umm why have i never thought of trying apple butter!?! on my list to make for the fall! it looks soooo good!! @xxxMissVxxx i am with you on the check-ins/photo’s/etc while at a concert or dinner…enjoy the moment and get your face outta your phone!!

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