Artisan Bread and Skin Update


( Above prebake)

This weekend I made our favorite Artisan Bread recipe in attempts to eat more wholesome. I used this recipe here. Things I have changed is I use a whole wheat white flour instead of just plain all-purpose flour. It is a great recipe for yummy dinner bread, garlic rolls, pizza crust or the perfect little bread bowl. I made them into thse smaller bun sizes for bread bowls, however, forget to spray the cookie sheet, so they just made an addition to the home-made chili I made this weekend as well. ( Yes, I do try to domesticate myself)




This above picture is the final product!! The inside is super yummy. There are a million different recipes for 5 minute Artisan Bread online ( from a book). The only trick is that the recipe takes five minutes to mix but then you have to let it rise for 2-5 hours before baking for an easy 30mins.

So skin update

I have made some small diet changes the past oh, 3 weeks or so, and have had GREAT results. My face seems less inflamed and WAY fewer breakouts. Like I can prolly count on one hand how many small ones I have had. I think alot of my problem is hormonal ( jaw line)..Changes I have made

– No dairy ( it really hasn’t been as hard as I thought)..

– less or no processed foods ( the most processed is like bread or tortillas)

– More fruits and veggies with Vitamin A

– Decreased the amounts of artificial sweeteners.  I have been using Coconut Sugar or Truvia

Very happy with results thus far. I don’t think I will give up dairy products totally, once in a while I will enjoy some cheese or yummy greek yogurt..It’s just a must 🙂







This weekend was the big football game. Every year Macie wears her cheerleading outfit to cheer on our Spartans!! Just thought I would share 🙂





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