Keeping a lil faith




These are two images that I posted to my Instagram and Twitter accounts (@sillmarie). The first one is a quote from my one of my textbooks I’m reading about starting a Private Practice. The other one is five steps in building confidence to pursue on your adventure of becoming a business owner. ( Also from the same book). Since moving and finishing up my Masters I have been trying to figure out if I want to A. seek for a job or B. make my own job or C. both…I am lucky to have found a career that I truly love .However, sometimes I feel discouraged about my future and it’s probably because I always want things to be perfect. Today I had two great things that happened however, that let me know God does have a plan for me. I received a nice email from one of the Drs I have been talking about ( Dr. Wu) encouraging my efforts with beauty and nutrition. She was so kind and motivating. I also then got an opportunity to go volunteer at the Women Entrepreneurs Conference next month in Southfield, MI. I believe this will be an awesome opportunity to learn from the best and network. So in all, no matter what obstacles you may face, just have faith that things will all work out as planned.


4 thoughts on “Keeping a lil faith

  1. Wow, God will lead you in right path. I am still trying to figure it out myself.

    If I weren’t visiting my family in California I would loved to meet up with you for dinner or something Southfield is not far away from you!

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