Gloomy Week in MI

We have had a ton of rain, wind, simply gloomy weather this week. I thought I would bring back some pictures from this past weekend at a Skitoberfest at Boyne Mountain in Boyne Falls, MI. A friend of mine works here and invited us to come check it out. The weather was, well like this week, but we got to sample some yummy food, microbrew and wine! I found a new micro brew that I need to go visit, pretty ASAP.

My friend suggested we take the ski lift up to check out the amazing view!! Got to enjoy it while it lasts, fall is quickly falling away!

You can sort of see the little village down there.


Miles of God’s beauty!


My friend and I

This weekend I think we are going to check out an Apple Festival in another cute town.

PS I havent figured out how to make my pictures bigger with my new i phone 5. The keep coming up small when I email them to myself.Blah..





3 thoughts on “Gloomy Week in MI

    • It happened so fast!! Im sure you will still have some left when you get back! I live further up north so we usually get it first. You will have to post some pics when you get back 🙂

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