Dairy and my face

So what is the deal with dairy and my face?? From starting this new venture I have omitted dairy from my diet except for a couple trace amounts. I have not seen any real improvements since doing so (have not in the past either) but I am going to still work on it. I also feel I need to focus in on consuming more low-glycemic foods and increased lean meat protein (more to come on these topics later).

Big business and the government have told us that we must consume dairy, as it is a good source of calcium among other nutrients. However, dairy has been linked to such things as cancer, early puberty and acne (which isn’t a totally world crisis).

Some facts about why dairy can cause acne

-Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone also known as rBGH – which is a genetically engineered hormone that is used to treat cows. This along with naturally occurring hormones in cows has an adverse affect on humans. It can increase the amount of insulin made in our body which messes with our skin cells and oil glands.

-Whey proteins – it has an androgen like affect. Androgen is a hormone that is usually higher in men. However, certain times of the month (menstruation) the level of this hormone increases which is why we seem to break out around this time.

In theory, the reason for eliminating diary for acne relief boils down to unneeded hormones. If you are like me and suffer from adult acne you want to pay close attention to this as that is like the number on reason for it. Hormonal acne can be characterized by breaking out around the chin and jaw line.

If you are worried about not getting enough calcium if you eliminate it from your diet. There are other sources of calcium rich foods that you can eat like turnip greens, spinach, sesame seeds, kale, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, cucumbers or broccoli to name a few. If you are also like me and think you will highly miss cheese, there are other goods sources like soy and goat cheeses.

Bottom line – I am not your doctor but a nutrition expert being a Registered Dietitian. What I say might be for you or not, but it is just information from research I have done. Personally I am going to stick with the no dairy thing, as I need some relief that doesn’t come in a $75.00 jar at a department store.

Please let me know if you have any questions or anything else pertaining to this!


References –

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7 thoughts on “Dairy and my face

  1. As the others pointed out, makes so much sense when explained but I would have never drawn that link myself! Thanks for the book recommendations too! I ordered a few from Amazon and should get them next week!

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