Getting Started..Nutrition for your skin

Ok, so I have been thinking about my first post about this for the past few weeks. I think im just going to start with the basics?? Last week I posted a picture in my post that contained a stack of books. Two noteworthy authors of those books are Dr. Wu and Dr. Perricone ( Dr. P.) .

Dr. Wu’s book Feed Your Face was sort of the basis of my research. I liked the fact that she swallowed her pride and noted that ( both Dr. did actually) doctors don’t get great nutrition information in medical school but have researched it themselves to gain a better understanding. As for Dr. P, I have read some of The Wrinkle Cure and  The Perricone Prescription. I have liked the approach they both have for nutrition and skin care. I would recommend taking a look at these books as they are the skin experts, I on the other hand am just a nutrition expert by trade! 🙂

Steps that I have taken so far ( which I have learned from the reading)..

1. Proper face cleaning ( from this book Skin Rules)…Basically washing twice a day, first taking off makeup or cleaning from sleep. If wearing makeup use a clean cloth, wipe or toner ( depending on skin) with cotton. Then cleansing face ( kind depends on skin and needs), pat to try then apply moisturizer ( if it’s AM use SPF!!)..

2. Drink plenty of water..It isnt totally true that you need 8 glasses of water per day. Everyone’s needs are different. In schooling we learn a few calculations, where intake depends on weight and/or daily calorie intake.

3. Eat a clean wholesome diet. Plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains ( they contain antioxidants which are oh so good for ya)..lean meats, healthy fats…The basic foods that we should eat not matter the reason but because they are good for us.

**However, Dr. Wu does describe certain diets that go off of this a little bit, like choosing foods that are low-glycemic instead of high. Will discuss further in future posts.

4. excercise is important again, many reasons.

I have also started to decrease the amount of added sugar and sweeteners. I have had traces of dairy this week. Aiming for none ( I will miss you cheese!)..As there is a suppose link between acne and dairy ( hormones)..Which I will also discuss among other things in the weeks to come.

Just wanted to give my first post. Let me know if any of you have read any great books about skin and nutrition as I can add this to my list.

Until next time, I will be completing my fun literature review and business plan 🙂



9 thoughts on “Getting Started..Nutrition for your skin

    • Actually, green tea has been mentioned!! I should of mentioned that, I have been cutting out my afternoon Energy Crystal Light for green tea. There was a lot of other things that were mentioned, I just wanted to do a small basic intro. Thanks for commenting!

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