DIY Project 2- Spartan Banner and Schedule

In our new house, I made it clear that we will not do cliche holiday decorating. So for fall instead of the leaves and pumpkin galore, I said why not do some suddle decorating honoring our favorite Spartan Football. For those just tuning in, Spartan football is basically honoring my college Michigan State University. The first little project I did was make a cute little Spartan burlap banner.

Materials needed:

Some of the materials

Scraps of burlap


Letter stencil

Acrylic paint ( Green and White)

Hot glue gun

Paint brush


Patience ( this is needed while paint is drying…well it was needed for me anyways..sort of like when you are waiting for your nails to dry, well you get the picture)…

Turn your glue gun on and continue to step one

Step  one – Cut the scraps into the size and shape you want. Make sure you have the burlap folded before you cut.  For this I placed my stencil letters over the burlap to get an idea of who big I wanted them. Once I cut my first square, I used it to measure for the rest.

Step two – I unfolded the little scare and did my best to center the letter stencil over the burlap, I then painted over the stencil onto the burlap. Set aside to dry and continue on. ( For me it was helpful to write the letters on a piece of paper, then write next to each of them what color they needed to be. It just helped me not get carried away into making a mistake.)

Step three – this was prolly the hardest part..Letting them dry :-0

I also did one with a little football to read ” Spartan Football”.

Step four – Unfold the pieces, with letters face outward and on top, you will be glueing the burlap together creating a slight space for the wire to be placed. I did this with the wire in place instead of trying to loop it all together at the end.

Step five – hang and enjoy !

Don’t mind my stark white wall. Will be painted as soon as remodeling starts! PS Notice the cool cork thumb tacs I made for my message board. I made really cute wooden heart shaped pins for it last night!

In efforts to not having to go online to check the MSU Football Schedule, I typed and printed out the schedule to place in a fun frame. I think I might update this onto a different piece of paper though, to make it a bit funnier.

Fun Spartan Schedule

Items needed

Old frame


Paint brush

Printed schedule

I found this old plastic frame at a thrift store for 1.00. I brought it home and cleaned it up!

I applied three coats of white acrylic paint to the frame.

I sort of like how you can see some of the black through the white, it gives it an antique vibe.

Once dry I placed the schedule and backing to the frame.

I just realized this pic isn’t the best. But you get the idea. I just think it’s a fun way to show have your favorite team schedule on display! Perhaps it would also be cool for your kids sports schedule for your office.

Let me know if any of you try these ideas!


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